In the drag and drop diagramming there was an issue with the connector label (orthogonal connector) was being positioned when added to the connector and where it would re-position itself when the objects the connector (orthogonal and straight) was connected to were moved.

The default position to add a label was at the midpoint between the beginning and end of the connector.  For the orthogonal conector with a right angle bend and long segments this could appear to be in the middle of another object or out far enough to not even look like it was associated with the connector.

Another situation would occur after you had re-positioned the label closer to the connector in that it would not always stay anchored where you placed it.

We have finally managed to cure these issues but you may notice that moving the label looks different.  Now when you reposition a label it needs to be dragged along the connector (no more moving through open space to get from one end to another).  It may also look like your mouse pointer is not connected to the label as you move it (it is still able to move the label though).  Once the label is positioned, it will stay where you put it.  If one of the objects is moved a considerable distance the label may displace slightly but it will still be very close to the connector line and it will always be in the same place it was the next time you open the diagram.

You may also notice that when you add a label to a connector it still adds basically at the midpoint between the start and end of the connector but on the connector line so you know what connector it belongs to.

We apologize for any minor inconvenience this may cause with adjusting connectors on your existing diagrams but this was an error that could not be fixed in any other way.